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Three ambiances filled with three different emotions - Marseille, a bustling city with a great cultural and ethnic mix, Arles and the Camargue with its wild untamed countryside, and Provence with a lifestyle all of its own.
This is an outstanding area offering a wide range of experiences - towns, countryside, culture, the sea, festivals, walking, arts and crafts, traditions, relaxation and a chance to meet other people.

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Arts - Foire et salon


Sustainable Family Origin

Foire aux Santons

From 16 November 2014 to 31 December 2014
Free event

Association de la Foire aux Santons de Marseille
Phone : 06 68 51 02 85

"The ""Foire aux Santons"" is one of Marseille's most lively and popular traditional events. Its origins date back to just after the Revolution, making it Provence's oldest ""santon"" figurine fair. It was born out of popular fervour for the nativity celebrations, combined with the invention of these typically Provencal clay figures. Bringing together some of the oldest family firms, it is a great opportunity to buy up some rare and original pieces, plus the old-fashioned style crib scenes manufactured in cardboard, cork, or papier mâché you will need as your backdrop! The fair is inaugurated to the sound of pipe and tabor after the traditional mass celebrated in Provencal dialect.


  • Free event.

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Open from 16 November 2014 to 31 December 2014

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