DanseM - contemporary Mediterranean dance

Du 6 novembre au 16 décembre
Théâtre Les Bernardines


17 boulevard Garibaldi
13001 Marseille

L' Officina

DanseM is a contemporary dance festival in the Mediterranean. Every year, it seeks to promote and play an active role in developing this art form.

In promoting contemporary choreography from the Mediterranean and elsewhere, DanseM presents talented young dancers and choreographers in partnership with other cultural organisations sharing the same goals.

Alessandro Sciarroni (Italy) / Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor (Israel) / Bouchra Ouizguen (Morocco) / Maria Muñoz and Raffaella Giordano (Spain and Italy) / Marc Vincent (France) / Christian Rizzo (France) / Gunilla Heilborn (Sweden) / Balkis Moutashar (France) / Cristina Rizzo (Italy)…

Programming underway


Accessible for disabled


  • Passeport from 8 €

Conditions of access


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