The Rencontres d'arles

Du 4 juillet au 25 septembre
Divers lieux

Rencontres D'arles (formerly named international meetings of photography of Arles) is an annual summer festival of photography founded in 1970, by the Arles photographer Lucien Clergue, the writer Michel Tournier and historian Jean-Maurice Rouquette.Often produced in collaboration with museums and French and foreign institutions, exhibitions in different places of the city are the subject of a scenography. Some sites, such as the 12th or the industrial buildings of the 19th chapels, are open to the public for the duration of the festival.The program draws its wealth from the multiplicity of views of experts from different backgrounds (20 annually), and sometimes an artist was given a portion of the programming as Martin Parr in 2004, Raymond Depardon in 2006, fashion designer from Arles Christian Lacroix in 2008, or well Nan Goldin in 2009.Through more than sixty exhibitions installed in various exceptional places of the city, the Rencontres D'arles contribute every summer since 1970 to transmit the photographic heritage and are the crucible of contemporary creation.The list of photographers who were 'discovered' is impressive. His role as springboard is strengthened by the presence of many foreign professionals during the opening week.The staging of exhibitions is the object in Arles for a real design and some historical places (chapels of the 12th century and the 19th century industrial buildings) are open to the public for the period of the festival.Be on the lookout for failovers of the photographed image, renewal of approaches, the approach to the subject and plastic forms.To the fact the use of new technologies, offer all audiences a different conception of the photographic exhibition and a true relationship to the image, these are the tasks of the Rencontres D'arles.The opening week of the Rencontres D'arles offers events focused on photography (nocturnal projections, visits of exhibitions, debates, conferences, evenings, signatures of books, etc.) within the historic sites of the city, some of which are specially opened for the occasion.More highlights of recent meetings, include: the night of Europe (2008), which introduced a broad panorama of the European photographic identities parade show created by Christian Lacroix for the closing night of the festival (2008) and a concert by Patti Smith on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of agence Vu (2006).The ancient Theatre evenings nocturnal projections in the open air at the Antique Theatre of Arles are the work of a photographer or a photography specialist accompanied by concerts and performances. Each evening is the object of a unique creation.Night of the year for five years, the night of the year offers to the public of meetings a walk during which different actors from the press, agencies or photographers collective, show their photographic production of the year.

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