Easter Feria

Du 3 au 6 avril
The Amphitheatre


Rond-point Des Arènes
13200 Arles

Office of the Bullring
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Visit the famous arenas of Arles for the bullfighting feria Easter! Great moment of celebration throughout the city, popular animations in streets and bodegas, exhibitions...Friday, April 18, 11 H 30 NOVILLADA without picadors 6 Gallon brothers for: Javier Orozco de Ronda, Pablo Aguado of Seville, Angel Sánchez de Colmenar, Juan Martinez of Arles, Maxime Solera of Arles and Josete of Alicante BULLFIGHTERS of tomorrow the best of six bullfighting schools (French and Spanish) in competition to open a path in this difficult profession.Beginners of today are the stars of tomorrow. Ensure their promotion is a requirement for any large arena which respects itself.Friday, April 18, 17 H 30 CORRIDA 6 Jose Luis Pereda for: Juan José Padilla, Joselito Adame, Juan Leal the test of truth a cornada marks a before and an after. Received by Padilla in the face allowed him to reveal himself as a being of exception. Since then, he is at the head of the European escalafón. Those received by Joselito Adame two years have not prevented to triumph in Seville, Madrid and Mexico. In America, it is number one. It is in the light of the best bullfighters Juan Leal will have to measure the strength of its vocation for his debut as matador home facing the Núñez de Pereda.Saturday, April 19, 11 H 30 mixed BULLFIGHT 6 San Mateo (Toros & novillos) for: Gines Cartagena (son), Michelito and Francisco José Espada mixed TALENTS: the son of the great Gines Cartagena has horse the same charism and the same vibrant force that he. A phenomenon! Franco Mexican Michelito has revolutionized the taurine France at the age of 12, he became the youngest matador toros of all time at age 14. It will make its European presentation in Arles. F. J. Espada is the triumph of the novilleros of Arles and the Southeast in 2013.Saturday, April 19, 17 H 30 CORRIDA 6 Domingo Hernandez for: El Juli, Juan Bautista, J.M Manzanares devoted STARS: triumph of the last temporada in the Southeast, Juan Bautista is measured the Juli who in 2013 has pardoned a toro in the Arles amphitheatre, and Manzanares, author in Nimes of an unforgettable day.Three stars devoted to an afternoon of accomplished tauromachies and not feigned rivalry.Sunday, April 20, 11: 30 pm COURSE CAMARGUAISE trophy of ACEs. Provence - midi free Championship of FRANCE Django (Saliba) - Varadero (F. Guillierme) - Bendor (Ricard) - (Baumelles) GARLAN - RATIS (Raynaud) - Icarus (Paulin) Razeteurs invited: Poujol - Katif - Allouani - Rey - Alarcón Chekade - Martin - Fatima - Auzolle COURSE CAMARGUAISE: Passion, emotion, boldness, virtuosity, the makings of an outstanding morning with the best time razeteurs and the bulls stars, Garlan Bhatnagar of gold 2011-2012, Ratis Bhatnagar of gold 2013 and Icarus best Bull of the 2013 finals.Sunday, April 20, 17 H 30 CORRIDA 6 Miura for: Rafaelillo, Javier Castaño and Mehdi Salman the return of MIURAS: face the toros of the legend three specialists: Rafaelillo, the exemplary combatant, Castano, only invest their land, well supported by his cuadrilla of virtuosos, and Mehdi Salman, author of the best faenas made in Arles to the Miuras in recent years. The emotion of the authenticity, the guarantee of a true time.Monday, April 21-11.30 REJÓN 6 Murube for: Andy Cartagena, Diego Ventura and Lea Vicens the REJONEO stars: in Arles, which is one of his favorite arenas, Diego Ventura wrote some of the most beautiful pages of his stunning career. In Arles also, Andy Cartagena triumphed in a grandiose manner on various occasions. In Arles, Lea Vicens new French star will make his presentation.Monday, April 21 - 17 H 30 CORRIDA 6 Robertmarge for: Miguel Abellán, Manuel Escribano and Paco Ureña three TRIUMPHANT to the test of CEBADA GAGO French Face the best-performing French ganaderías which will debut at Arles in corrida, three seasoned professionals: Abellán, after a short break, takes up the sword in the arena where he won three years ago. Escribano, triumph of the feria de Sevilla 2013, was announced after its package on cornada of last year. Paco Ureña, is the great revelation of the end of Madrid season.


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