Marseille the exuberant city and the coast

Much more than just a large port, Marseille overflows with joie de vivre. Extrovert and rebellious, the city has a very singular, human and affectionate character.
Tucked between sea and hills, it is currently undergoing an exciting rebirth, backed by an economic upsurge and dynamic cultural fabric. This open-minded and exuberant city happily welcomes people from everywhere and is a hub of festive musical and sporting events.
It is definitely a city worth getting to know.

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Les Vendanges étoilées

La Place aux Peintres

Portraits of town


Exuberant Marseille

Boasting an atypical beauty and a character of steel, Marseille is home to centuries of history, an-ever changing and fascinating atmosphere and very special way of life.

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The good life in Cassis

A favourite weekend haunt for the inhabitants of Marseille, the little port of Cassis is, in any case, undeniably charming. Tucked at the foot of cliffs, this agreeable resort is the departure point for sumptuous excursions to the coastal fjords or cliff tops.

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La Ciotat

The panoramas of La Ciotat

La Ciotat was famed for many years for its gigantic shipyards. It is also known as the birthplace of cinema. But it is only in recent years that the town has gained repute for its pretty beaches, fishing port sand marinas. Its extremely pleasant quaysides are lined with typical, brightly-painted houses and lively restaurants and cafés.

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Martigues, our very own Venice

Situated immediately adjacent to the Côte Bleue coast, this town started out as a huddle of small, sandy islands separated by channels and linked by bridges. It offers walkers a pleasant impression of floating on water.

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