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Three ambiances filled with three different emotions - Marseille, a bustling city with a great cultural and ethnic mix, Arles and the Camargue with its wild untamed countryside, and Provence with a lifestyle all of its own.
This is an outstanding area offering a wide range of experiences - towns, countryside, culture, the sea, festivals, walking, arts and crafts, traditions, relaxation and a chance to meet other people.

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Attention : Entre le 1er juin et le 30 septembre l’accès aux massifs forestiers est réglementé pour votre sécurité et la préservation des sites sensibles. Avant de suivre vos «envies de balade», renseignez-vous.

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Charleval was built in the 18th century, opposite the castle, following an almost perfect alignment. The Town Hall, the schools and the old station are located in a harmonious, Republican manner. This unique feature makes Charleval one of the most beautiful areas of the Bouches du Rhône.

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